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Welcome to Falmouth and Keogh Halls

Congratulations on your admission to Imperial College London, and welcome to Falmouth & Keogh Halls! We hope that you will have a successful year at Imperial College and an enjoyable time with us in F&K.

An Imperial College wardening team are in residence throughout the year to make sure Falmouth & Keogh is a safe, equitable and fun place to live, while ensuring a suitable study environment for all residents. The wardening team comprises a warden, 3 subwardens and 6 hall seniors (undergraduate students who have been selected to live in halls another year, who assist the wardening team with organising events and social activities, and the day-to-day running of the hall.). The team is here to support the residents, organise social events and other activities, and make sure Falmouth & Keogh and College rules are observed. We will help you settle in and try to sort out any problems you encounter.

We have a full schedule of events planned for the arrivals weekend and the first two weeks of term. We strongly encourage you to attend as many of the events as possible, where you will have your first opportunities to meet other residents and make friends in College!