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About Falmouth and Keogh Hall

Falmouth & Keogh are two of the newest Imperial College halls (part of the Southside development that opened in 2007), housing 154 students. We are located on the south side of Prince's Gardens, alongside Exhibition Road and very near the South Kensington Campus main entrance. The halls are also conveniently located across the gardens from Ethos (the Imperial College sports facility), and the student union and many other Imperial College halls are within easy walking distance.

Please read the Hall Rules before moving in.

All bedrooms are en-suite and are furnished with a bed (single or double), desk, shelving, bedside table and wardrobe. You will not be given pillows or duvets, only the mattress and sometimes a mattress protector. Also, for storage space, your beds have about 25-30cm height space under them, and you will also each get a shoe basket (about 1m x 1m x 0.2m). If you are planning on bringing a TV, there are aerial sockets in each room. There are also TVs in every kitchen and a massive one in the common room. There are mirrors in the bathroom and a full length mirror on either the wall or the wardrobe. Your rooms will be cleaned once a month by a cleaner. The specific dates and times will be available when you move in.

In the kitchen you will each be given a cupboard with about 4-5 shelves where you can put your food and crockery. You will be given a key for this cupboard so that you can lock it. Regarding fridges, you will be given a small shelf in the fridge. There are also shared freezers available.

There is a coin-operated laundry room in the basement. Wash baskets are provided but you will need to buy your own detergent. There are also irons provided there.

When entering Falmouth and Keogh, each person entering must touch their card to to the reader, and let THEMSELVES in ONLY. DO NOT let anyone tailgate into the building. Anyone entering Falmouth & Keogh must be able to enter using their own college ID card. This not only concerns the safety of your belongings, but the safety of you and the other people in the hall. Please be cautious about anyone loitering outside the building, and ALWAYS make sure nobody unrecognised to you enters the building behind you.