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Welcome to F&K!

Congratulations on your admission to Imperial College London! The wardening team would like to welcome you to Falmouth and Keogh Halls and to provide you with some additional information about before moving-in day.


In addition to completing the ‘Your Halls’ eInduction via the College’s Accommodation Hub (AccHub), we also require you to register for Falmouth & Keogh in eHalls, a system that we use locally to prepare for your arrival and make life in halls easier for you. To log in in eHalls, just type the short form user ID (e.g. ab123). Be sure to print the arrivals document generated by eHalls after you complete the registration and bring it with you when you arrive to check-in (as well as the Key Collection Pass you will have received after completing the ‘Your Halls’ induction) and receive your keys. You are also required to upload your photo on eHalls as well as on the Student eService, for identification purposes within the hall.

Moving in

You should arrive between 09:00 and 17:00 on Saturday, 30th September 2023. A map showing our location can be found below. Upon your arrival, you will be given your keys, introduced to the wardening team and shown to your room. You will also be given a welcome pack containing important information. If you are unable to arrive at this time, it is extremely important that you contact us; otherwise, your room may be reallocated to another student.

There will be compulsory talk on Sunday the 1st of October 2023 at 7pm in the Wolfson lounge. In addition to this we have two weeks full of events! Make sure to check the hall WhatsApp group for all the info and Falmouth and Keogh’s Online Store for the Golden Pass!

Getting here

Some useful tips

  • What should I bring?

    First and foremost yourself and good vibes! A toothbrush, soap, shampoo and stuff that makes you smell nice also help. So do clothes. Bedding such as sheets, pillows, pillow cases and a duvet. Pots, pans, plates, cutlery, cooking equipment, etc. and finally, an alarm clock. These items can be brought with you, or purchased locally when you arrive.

    What am I not allowed to bring?

    For example, a fridge. A deep fat frier. Kettles or any high-current electical items. Candles, incense or shisha. Pets. Other examples of these types of items were listed during your induciton on AccHub and more information can be found here .