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Hall Seniors are undergraduate students usually in their second year but can be later, so they remember moving into halls as though it were yesterday. You will see them around all the time, not only because they organise all the events in the hall but also because most of you will share a kitchen with them.


  • Barney Sandeford - Falmouth 3rd floor
    Hey! My name is Barney and for some of you lucky people, I'll be your personal hall senior, so if your room number starts with "FA3", then you're mine! My room will be FA313, and you're more than welcome to swing by and knock on my door basically any time. If you have concerns, questions, or need suggestions, I'm here for you. A little bit about myself: I used to head up the 2nd squash team as captain, but nowadays just do a whole load of sport in general. I love going out to clubs and nice bars and am really into music. I'm super chatty, open, and very honest. If you ever need to find me in the evening, I'll basically always be in the kitchen. Flo (one of the other seniors) and I cook every night, so if you need help on the culinary side of things, we'd be useful too.
  • Florian Langer - Falmouth 2nd floor
    Hey guys, I am Flo a fourth year physics student. The two things I love doing the most are exercising and eating. So if you ever want to do some exercise or bring me some food, I am always there for you :) My room is FA213 by the way so if your room starts with FA2 or FA4 you will be on my floors. You can all be really excited because the first two weeks of the year are usually the best, at least the most intense in terms of events and stuff (That's why I would recommend the marmot tactic, i.e. try and sleep the entire two weeks before Freshers so that then you can stay up for two weeks). This is the time where you meet lots of new people and make new friends. So I would really recommend coming to the events as this is where the people are gone be (or just live in the kitchen to meet people right Ed ;). We will start selling Lion-passes at some point which will give you access to all the events but with a HUGE discount, so have a look at the F&K Facebook group for more on that. See you soon!
  • Hannah Lau - Falmouth M floor
    Hello all! I am Hannah, third year Design Engineering undergraduate. I am one of your six hall seniors, here to help you with any questions or issues you may encounter, and to try and give you as good an experience as we can in your year with us in F&K. Aside from hall senioring, I am also Chair of Imperial College Artisans Workshop, Secretary of the RCS Motor Club, and Treasurer of the RSM Motor Club, on top of being regular members of Team Bo' (CGCU's version of Motor Club - not to be confused with Motor (C&G), the go-kart people), and Sci-Fi. If you are even the slightest bit interested in any of these societies, just talk to me, and I will happily regale you with tales of what we do (and try to rope you into joining). Other interests of mine include museums, games, art, photography, etc. - the list goes on. Feel free to come have a chat with me any time! I can usually be found in FAM12, in the kitchen, in the motor club garages, the Dyson building, or on Facebook. Again, welcome to F&K, and I hope you guys have a wonderful year!
  • Luke Boyden - Keogh M floor
    Oh hey, didn’t see you there. I’m Luke, a second year Physicist who’s gonna be living in KE LG 95. You’re definitely going to hear this word a lot as an Imperial student, so ya better get used to it –CONGRATULATIONS!!!. You’ve not only made it into a world class university but also a world class hall and, if you’re lucky enough to be living in Keough M floor, a world class corridor ;). Your time at Imperial is going to be truly amazing, you’re going to learn and develop so much, whilst having an astronomical amount of fun along the way. I very much look forward to being a part of your Imperial journey, just as you will be a part of mine. I’m always up for a chat, about anything. From being a bit bored to needing serious help, I’m just a knock away. Plus, I’m a huge coffee drinker, so maybe we can combine the two. I lived in a twin room last year so just give me a shout if ya need any tips on how to be the best roomy possible. I also love running in Hyde park, clubbing and eating out (I can’t cook lol), so if any of those sound of interest to you, knock on my door and LET’S GO! I very much look forward to meeting you all and toasting to all your successes. See you soon. And enjoy the rest of your summer before the real fun starts!
  • Edoardo Calvello - Falmouth LG floor
    Hi everyone! I’m Ed, a second year maths student from Italy and I’m very excited to welcome you all to Falmouth & Keogh as one of your hall seniors. Some of the things I enjoy doing most are playing tennis, listening to music, and of course going out clubbing. I love to eat, even though I’m still trying to improve my cooking skills, yet if there’s one thing I love more than eating, it’s talking. I probably talk too much, but anyway whenever you feel like having a chat, feel free to knock on my door (FA LG 01) even late at night as I’ll probably be awake. One piece of advice that I would give is to get out of your comfort zone and meet as many new people as possible. Having good friends is an important part of university life, but don’t worry if you don’t find lifelong friendships right away, it’s a process that can take some time. I can’t wait to meet you all and have an incredible year together!
  • Keogh

  • Trisha Saxena - Keogh G foor
    Hey everyone, I'm Trisha and I'm a fourth year physicist (help). I enjoy all kinds of movies, exploring London, and eating good food. I'm a morning gymmer/swimmer and a night time reader. I love to travel and learn new languages - my most recent being Polish (but don't have too high hopes...) My advice to freshers would be to meet as many new people as possible. Don't overdo it by going out every night, but also don't end up sitting home all day. Also try and join new societies - Imperial has some really niche ones (see: Cheese Soc) but also everything from astronomy to skydiving. Make the most of being at university in London but don't forget to write home once in a while! My room is in Keogh, on the ground floor. I lived in Southside halls in my first year so feel free to ask me any questions about life in halls or at Imperial more generally. I rented privately last year, so if you're looking for places to live in your second year I can help, but apart from that whenever you have a question just let me know!