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Hall Seniors are undergraduate students usually in their second year but can be later, so they remember moving into halls as though it were yesterday. You will see them around all the time, not only because they organise all the events in the hall but also because most of you will share a kitchen with them.


  • Elizaveta Sheremetyeva - Falmouth M floor
    Welcome to F&K! My name is Elizaveta (or Liza for short) and I am the Hall Senior for M floor and a 3rd year JMC student. I'm originally from Russia but I've been living in the UK for over 12 years. If you ever need a chat, feel free to knock on my door :)
  • Athena Critchley - Falmouth 1st floor
    Hi everyone and welcome to Falmouth & Keogh! I'm Athena, a 2nd year Computing student, and hall senior for the 1st and LG floors. I'm always happy to help, so if you ever have any questions then you can always let me know! :)
  • Patricia Ribes Vivo -
    Hi everyone! Welcome to F&K, I’m Patricia, a fourth year Aero student and Hall Senior of 2nd Floor. I am from Spain, and I come from completing my Year Abroad in France this summer. If you have any questions (planes related or not) about anything you can knock on my door or let me know. I am looking forwards to meeting you ! :)
  • Kevin Lau -
    Welcome to Falmouth and Keogh! I'm Kevin, a 2nd year Electronic and Information Engineering student from Hong Kong. I've only been in London for a year but I've had a wonderful time with some guidance from last year's hall seniors, and I hope your stay here will be as enjoyful as mine, so don't be afraid to approach me and ask any questions. I play a variety of sports and enjoy some guitar playing and dancing. Feel free to challenge me to a game of table tennis in Wolfson Lounge!
  • Ry Nduma -
    Hi everyone and welcome to Falmouth & Keogh!

    My name is Ryan(people just call me Ry) and I am a 2nd year student studying Materials Science and Engineering while also serving as the 4th floor Hall Senior at Falmouth. During my spare time, you can find me picking up heavy things only to put them back down, playing video games, or SENDING IT on the weekends (mountain biking)

    "I'm absolutely thrilled for your time at F&K, and I want you to know that I'm here to assist with anything you may need – just a friendly 'hello' away!"


  • Zoe Jung - Keogh LG floor
    Hello and welcome to F&K! I’m Zoe, hall senior for Keogh hall & 2nd year Design Engineering student from South Korea. It’s nice to meet all of you :) let’s make F&K the best hall to ever exist! xD If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, I’ll gladly help.